Star Wars
Unlikely Heroes
Episode 1: Chapter 1: The Arrival

The year is 3,963 and the Mandalorians are here! They have ravaged and taken over numerous Republic worlds, such as Iridonia, Serroco and Taris. Valiantly the Republic has fought the Mandalorian threat head on, but it has only been recent years, as Revan and his followers have joined the fight that the Republic has finally managed to push back against the Mandalorian scourge.

Though the threat is great, the Jedi remain cautious in their involvement in the war, fearing a greater threat has yet to reveal itself. Still their duty remains to protect the Republic from the dark side and so the few remaining loyal Jedi have been sent out to the far reaches of the galaxy to meet these threats head on.

Yet the Jedi are not the only people concerned about the other dangerous, outside of the Mandalorians. Many different peoples from all walks of life can be found fighting the darkness throughout the galaxy. While their motives vary, the one constant is their need to make their own way in the galaxy and to carve out a little piece of it for their own.

Two weeks ago the three of you were assigned on a stealth mission through Bad Luck Pass to ascertain whether or not there was a Mandalorian presence in the area. During the briefing you were told that many ships have gone missing in that sector of space earning its name. The republic suspects that this is due to Mandalorian raiders who are preying upon ships that pass through. Without proof of this, however Admiral Stulana is unwilling to commit her flee through the pass and risk its disappearance as well. In light of this you were all selected to take the space Transport “Valiant” and scout out ahead of the fleet. At first this seemed to be an easy enough mission, simple recon, but after two weeks of scouting the nebula who have found nothing. Exhausted and board who have radioed in your findings to the fleet and, after long debate, the fleet decided to have you remain one more day before returning home with your findings. This is that day and as the 12:00 pm hour strikes you still have yet to find anything.

Star Wars
Unlikely Heroes
Episode 1: Chapter 2: The Last Day of the Graveyard

Droids, Massiff’s and the Darkside, all have been found on Felucia. After crashing landing on one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy, Olliver, Raistlin, and Dunts battled their way through the dangers of the Graveyard. Walking through the rust and scrape metal of the harsh and unforgivable land that is the Graveyard, the three managed to survive their first night alone in this metal jungle in search of their one chance for hope, a republic beacon. During this dangerous adventure they seem to have met a friendly Jedi named Ivy, who has promised to see them safely through the Graveyard and to where ever the beacon may lie. Is this promise too good to be true, or is it their only hope to return to the 7th fleet.

Slycrartae Village
You approach a gigantic wall, made from what looks like the same trees you briefly saw as you passed through the little bit of jungle you did.

As you walk through the village, following closely behind Ivy, you see surrounding you are variations of tall biped sentient. From there heads are a number of tentacle like protrusions that seem to glow from the top. Their hands are large compared to most humanoids, and as you watch them point at you and speak to each other, you see no fingers on them, but instead 4 almost squid like holes underneath their web hands. Occasionally you hear a whisper or two from the crowed, (Sky People) Srom Phuiphlu, and (Outsiders) Iessoukurs.

The trial consists of the five pillars of the Felucian community, Leadership, Life, War, Cultivation, and the Force. Once you have completed this trial, we will know if you can be trusted. Follow Ivy and she will take you to the proving ground, from there we will watch. As you are new comers you will all take the trial together, however, none of the Slycratae people, nor Ivy will be allowed to help you in this task. You may speak to any of us five before the trial to understand better what our ideals are, but we will not give you the answers to challenges you will face.

Completion of the Trial of Divination
Many generations ago, during what you call The Great Sith war, the Sith army reached this planet and found it rich in the Force. They landed and subjugated all the tribes of Felucia and used us as their slaves. This lasted until your republic and Jedi came and freed our people and captured and killed the Sith. They believed that in time, the sith corruption that they brought would fade, but alas the sith where not willing to lose their grip upon this world. I do not know the entirety of the Sith’s final blow, but I do know that the Jedi came to our ancestors during that time and urged us to leave. We could not, of course as this is our home, but the Jedi were persistent they told us that a great Darkness was locked away in the deepest part of their temple. They said that though they have sealed it away, there was a risk of it escaping, we remained resolute and stayed, then the Jedi took their people and leaved. Now we see the results of the Sith’s last “gift” to Felucia all around us.
Ivy and her master came seeking the Darkness, but so far things have not gone as they had predicted. You must ask her for any further details, but know this, no one who has gone in search of the Darkness has ever returned.

Star Wars
Unlikely Heroes
Episode 1: Chapter 3: Aliens, Droids, and Everything Else

DANGER! That has been the word most common to our heroes as they have traveled through the world of Felucia. Danger in the form of men, droids and creatures, yet there have been friends as well. After meeting the people of the Slycrartae village, and being pointed in the direction of promising treasure, our heroes find not only treasure, but new enemies as well. They destroyed a base that seemed to be important to the local pirates of the planet and stole the only flyable ship on Felucia, but not before a threat of death was promised. Now with a ship and new friends on the Horizon, will our heroes finally find the way home, or is this just another door to the darkness on Felucia.

Encounters of the HK Kind

The Outsiders use trade networks with various tribes and peoples of Felucia. Recently their trade caravans have been attacked by an unknown assailant, while no can directly identify the threat whispers and rumors of an HK unit in the area have come from the few remaining survivors.

Star Wars
Unlikely Heroes
Episode 1: Chapter 4: Friends in the Darkest of Places

It’s been two and a half weeks since you crashed on the planet of Felucia. With little else other than scars to show for it, the few victories you have had have been a welcomed sight. What seemed to be an impossibility in the beginning of the crash has become a glimmering horizon in the constant endeavor of escape. Now with renewed hope and a plan for escaping you look onward to what could just be your lucky break… or your short lived demise.

The Mandalorian Escapades.
Upon reaching the village you find it under attack by Mandalorians. Although the attack is fierce the Outsiders do appear to be handling it well, with only minimal damage done to the village itself. Yet they are in clear need of aid.

The Avatar of Revenge
“I was here watching the ship, keep’n to myself and all when I hear noises coming the direction of the engine room. Naturally I grabbed my gun and went in, I was expecting thieves or something, but instead I found this little furling messing around the hyper drive. Well once he explained things to me I was about to let him go, when I heard blaster fire. I use the secret elevator to take a peak and I saw the Mandalorians running up to the ship. I was preparing to fight them when I saw…something. Something picked one up off the ground and tossed him like a rag doll, for a second I thought it was one of you Jedi using your fancy tricks, but then…I got this feeling…this horrible sickening feeling. Then I saw it…her…I’m not even sure. It was a shape, it floated and was black…looked like it was made out of the stuff of nightmares. I ran back inside, grabbed the furling and we bolted for the bridge, I was about to close all the doors when power was just…drained. I’m not even sure how, but I knew if I did not do something we were going to die, so I managed to manually shut and lock the doors to the bridge and the engine room, for the last ten minutes we have been stuck in this room together with no idea what was out there.”

Mandalorian Camp.
The camp is made of a raiding group of 30 men who are going through their loot and plunder.

The Holocron

“To the Jedi that I hope and pray is listening to this recording, please I beg you, never return to Felucia. Never let anyone return to this planet, for it has been touched by evil…an evil that I am afraid may never be purged. The year I am recording this message is 26,701 TYA (About 1826 years ago.) the Jedi council found evidence of a sith temple here on the planet. We sent scouts to determine the threat of this temple to ourselves and to the republic, we found the not only did the sith have complete control of Felucia, but that they had also enslaved and tortured the planets inhabits to their own desires. We also realized that Felucia is a living planet, capable of feeling the Force on a deeper level. The council determined that if the sith were left unchecked they would have a new army of recruits with which to attack us, as well as a new home world of the dark side from which to send them forth. So the Jedi sent myself and a hundred other brave souls to purge this evil and stop the sith. (A sincere look of regret and sorrow as she continues.) If only we had known the evil…and the cost…that would be required to remove it. It took us a week to gain victory over the planet, it was difficult but we overcame and stood proudly over all we had achieved, all that was left was the Great Sith temple itself, from which most of the remaining sith now hid themselves. We overestimated the sith and their resolve to live, and after a month of breaking down doors, destroying defenses, capturing or killing the sith we encountered, we finely reached the last level and the Great Chamber that housed their masters.”
You see a vison as a large stone engraved door slowly widens giving you entry, you find that your steps are not your own as you walk into a large stone audience chamber. At the center you see a single large pulsating red and black Orb, the size of which you surmise to be that of a small one-man craft. Emanating from this Orb are thin straight red lines that reach down and feed into four black hooded individuals, who seem to be at deliberate angles all around the Orb. You feel yourselves enter closer into the room as others with lightsabers drawn accompany you. “We did not know what it was we saw, but we could feel the dark side penetrating us from it, we judged it to be sith sorcery and so we entered to destroy it.” As your puppeteerd body approaches the sith masters, you attempt to make them stop the ritual and surrender, calling out to them, making threats. Yet, nothing… When you approach closer the dark figures turn suddenly and seem to pierce right through your soul, with black, terrible lifeless eyes, they seem to stare back saying nothing, do nothing, except continue to let this red energy emanate from them. “We were at a loss, we did not know what could be done, but we felt time was of the essence and so, we did the only thing we felt we could do.” You watch as the other Jedi around you take up positions behind each of the black hooded figurers and raise up their lightsabers, regretfully you do the same and without a word all of you at once strike at the sith with little to no effort, their bodies crumple to the ground, life less and hauntingly empty. “Without any more ceremony we turned our attention to the Red Sith Orb which seemed unaffected by the sudden death of the sith masters. For a moment it seemed to remain still and maleficent and then…a flash.”
Without warning a sudden flash of energy bursts out in front of your vision, you feel as your puppeteer body is knocked back, yet somehow your real body remains upright. Out of the corner of your eye you see the rest of the Jedi in the room also fall back at this sudden shock wave. For a moment all is black and then conciseness returns, you arise from the ground and look about yourself seeing green alien hands as your own, you then look for your friends. You see one, one in front of you, the one who was hit by the energy from the orb. For a moment relief fills inside of you as you see him standing in front of the orb unharmed…then he turns. “The kind eyes of the friend I once knew gone…replaced by red eyes of death, he walks to me, lightsaber drawn he says, “Revenge, we will have revenge in death.”” You feel frightened and horrified, you run to the door using the Force to help you, you make it, and find you are not alone… Two other Jedi, three others, six other Jedi also make it to the door, the rest either turned or cut down by their former friends. Mourning, frightened, horrified, the Jedi close the door and seal it before their turned friends can reach them. They gather now, in front of the door and use Force to seal it shut ensuring no one could return and open this door without their aid. “We finished our campaign on Felucia, warning the highest members of the Felucian council about the dangers within. Yet they refused to leave, so instead we sealed the temple away and contained the evil within”.
“When we returned home the council decreed that no one was to ever return to Felucia, for the danger was too great. Jedi I hope, with all my being I hope we never have to return there, and yet, my nights are haunted by an evil I feel still lurks there. I see a woman, covered in terrifying black smoke, with those same dead and life less eyes wandering the Jungles of Felucia, screaming out the words Revenge over and over again. I know the Jedi are right in fearing that place and never letting any of our order return, yet there may come a day when we have no choice. Jedi if you are listening to this, please do not think that this is some call to adventure or a request to battle evil but instead, look upon this message as a warning. If the planet of Felucia becomes evil once more, if the darkness we contained within that temple ever breaks free, then someone must return to that planet and destroy it, forever. If not you then the members of the council, or highly trained Watchmen, anyone who is a strong proven pillar of the light side, for I fear nothing less can destroy this evil. If this course of action is needed then returned this HoloCron to Felucia, use the map within to show you the path. I have placed enough of my essences within to help guide you through the Sith temple as I remember it, though things may have changed it will at least give you a head start. One last thing before you go upon this endeavor, I must know your heart is true, I must know that you will stay on the path and will not waiver. For this you must, each of you who shall go, place your hand upon this Holocron for only then will I impart the informatio
n you will need to survive this heavy task. Please be careful, and may the Force be with you.

Star Wars
Unlikely Heroes
Episode 1: Chapter 5: Sith Temple

Mandalorians, Sith Spirits, Rancors, and few friends, it all comes down to this. Thanks to the direction of a Jedi Holocron, and the bravery of our heroes, finely the Darkness of Felucia will be confronted.
As the atmosphere darkens and the courage of our heroes is tested, the dark temple slowly comes into view.
Will our heroes survive the battle, will they find the source of the evil, or will this be the end of our Unlikely Heroes?

The Door

As you reach the door, you are all hit with a sudden vision of the past, as the door before you turn into something fresh and new. Suddenly within your own head you know the Jedi are coming, there was no way to prevent their inevitable breach of the temple. With many students and master dead, there were too few remaining sith left to hold this place. Your vision changes and you see standing before you in a large chamber, serval powerful black robed figures. The youngest of the them almost screams out, “The Force has betrayed us, soon we will die and not even our combined powers will be enough to save us.” The most malicious of smiles creeps across the oldest and most powerful of the masters as she says, “From death…no, but dying…yes, that we it can prevent.” The others look at the witch confused and terrified. A terrible feeling forums in your stomach as you recognize the old woman, you realize you have fought her before, you can see also a look a fear across the faces of the others as they look upon her. You feel as though she had proven several times that her methods were of the more fatal kind and often required a great deal from the person preforming it. They look about each other wishing, praying someone else has another idea…but nothing. Solemnly the all turn to the witch, for a while they simply stare, afraid to ask the question…eventual one of the more senior masters says, “What is your plan witch?” The witch laughs and cackles as she retreats to the center of the large chamber and draws a single circle there, “In life we spread the darkness, we feed off of it and we gift it to what is around us. In death we shall do the same. We shall all die, yes, but in so doing we will grant the darkside a terrible weapon, a weapon the likes of which none have ever seen…a weapon that shall take vengeance for us. All it askes of us…is our souls.”
Stunned the others say nothing as the witch continues preparing the ritual, for a moment they only stand and watch as the witch begins chanting and lifting her arms to the sky above her…then the senior most master walks towards the witch and joins her…then another, then another until only two remain standing. As the one beside him begins to move the youngest master screams, “I’d rather die fighting then give my soul to some dark sith witch sorcery”. He turns to run and before he takes a step, the other sith master takes her crimson blade out and pierces him through and through. Silently she joins the rest. For a while they chant and the dark energies gather around them envelop them as, suddenly…they begin to gather in the center hovering above the circle. A moment passes…and then the dead body of the murdered master begins to pulsate and glow with a crimson and black energy…then it rises.
The soul of the dead master finds its way to the now forming orb…soon more begin to follow and more and more…hundreds of dead students and masters begin to flood the orb like magnets attracted to each other. Soon the master’s eyes begin to darken, turning black they forget who they are, why they are here…what they love…all that remains is the lust for revenge. A day passes by…a week…a month…the ritual is nearly completed all that remains is for them to give their own lives, the final piece of their revenge…the final power. Jedi burst through the sealed door, they yell something about surrender…about giving up. When the witch sees her demise, even though her blacken eyes, she smiles for a moment…only a mere moment…she petites the Jedi as he cuts her down…blackness… “My chains are broken…the Force shall free me.” You hear these words pulsate through your body as you are ripped back into reality, as everything fades back into the present you watch as the Holocron glows brightly and releases the door in front of you. Slowly it rises and for the first time, you see the large red and black Orb of the darkside in the center of this room.

Unlikely Heroes

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